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I ask the same thing, tbh.


Orion Swing Chip China TV Commercial AD 2014

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V’s kiyomi~ ft. Rapmonster’s

forgetting you is not easy

jun2dakay: #미친거아니야? #GOT7 #2PM #GOTPM LOL

on ze:a’s lee hoo taking to twitter


these articles by allkpop and koreaboo were published on the issue with the translated tweets before they were deleted; 

ZE:A’s leader Lee Hoo (Junyoung) reveals he’ll be revealing explosive secrets about Star Empire’s CEO

Please stay behind ZE:A and their leader. This company is home to 9Muses aswell, for those of you who don’t know, but you’d know that 9M is constantly revolving members.The idols of Star Empire need help of the public because the company will try to shut them down. It’s really so heartbreaking to see a leader at his breaking point, enough to turn against the CEO. 

All these groups deserve better treatment, they’re all so humble and talented and you don’t know this because of the company. They’ve been neglected and abused, and it’s really time for it to stop.

(*he also discusses Taeheons fight)

these are the tweets translated by allkpop:

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Those kids.. ZE:A.. They’re my children. I’m the only child, and I was so lonely, and they became like brothers to me.. Don’t touch them.. They’re mine. Don’t take anything away from me anymore. I’ll become a killer to protect my members and our fans..

— Lee Hoo
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